Friulane Mania: You want one, you want them all!

Unavailable. They look like slippers. They are slippers. The Friulian, calls furlane in dialect, they became the new comfy-chic at the foot of men and women.

Let's say that until a few years ago they were generally used as home shoes Very elegant but, like dressing gowns and pajamas they have become trendy to get out of the intimacy of home, so also the Friulian they made their debut in society.

It must be said that, however, some daring ones have always supported their power and beauty and have some flaunted from the spring months to autumn, perhaps changing the palette according to the seasons.

Also show off by great stars of the show like the beautiful Kate Moss or the lover of Italy and its traditions George Clooney, spotted with friulanand at his feet during his moon of honey with Amal Alamuddin. In short, let's talk about "shoes"That I am perfect in every circumstance: with jeans and a T-shirt but also under elegant clothes.

Originating in the countryside of Friuli, the Friulian originated approximately in the 19th century as shoes poor.
Hand sewn by women starting from waste materials come i used tires of bicycles for the soles.
After the great war they began to be used also for streets Venetian and they spread especially among gondoliers because particularly non-slip: they guaranteed in fact good stability and they did not risk ruining the paint on the boats. Certainly not really waterproof, but you do what you can.

And then over the years and decades they were born of new colors, Of new fabrics and of new models

Made, still by hand today, they require times and one limited production (to do only point a hand around the sole it takes about half an hour), and that is why it is so difficult to find and, above all, you never manage to choose the hue you want.

Ma Friulian lovers the they know, it is as if they were chosen: they take home a any color among the beautiful left over from own number, and in the end it always remains the desire to have another.

In the end it is a bit a mania. You want one, you want them all!

Vittoria Frontini

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