Le One: Jeans for a changing body

Le One: The Revolutionary Jeans signed FRAME

Le One: Jeans designed for a changing body. Always looking for the perfect jeans, FRAME Denim and its inclusive philosophy leads them to invent jeans one-size-fits-six (one size fits for 6).

Made with an exclusive processing of denim, i Le One Jeans they are flexible to body changes up to 6 different sizes. This innovative denim allows you to adapt to a range of different life points.

In addition toincredible fit, the Californian brand FRAME always points to sustainability. THE Le One Jeans are made in organic cotton according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. The composition of the pockets contains the 30% recycled polyester, which is equivalent to approx a recycled water bottle for jeans.

To find your perfect size of Le One Jeans, start with your conventional denim size:
• If you usually wear a size from 22 to 24, select the size 0
• If you usually wear a size from 25 to 29, the size 1 it will be your best fit
• If you usually wear a size from 30 to 34, choose the size 2 in the Le One styles

Le One: The jeans that grows and evolves with you, without ever leaving your wardrobe ... for years!

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