Autry Sneakers: Back to the 80s

In 1982 he was born in Dallas Autry: the famous ones sneakers with the American flag Of Jim Autry.

They acquire notoriety thanks to innovation and original design, declined for all disciplines: tennis, running and basketball.

The Autry Medalist it's love at first sight. Thought like tennis shoe total white is revisited in 2019 with the contrasting red, pink, light blue, black, green heel tab ...

The novelty is the Autry Double Color: a sneaker Autry fun and attention-grabbing. These sneakers bicolor they are available in many colors.

Style Autry has no gender, le sneakers Autry Donna And Autry Man they share the same colorways on a smooth leather upper and natural colored rubber sole.

This bestseller of the 1980s still retains its original and authentic, flavorful look vintage. the Autry shoes are packaged in original box 80s with the maxi American flag, a real return to the past.

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